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Experts in a wide variety of fields are needed for successful account-based marketing, including ABM strategy, digital asset production, B2B digital channels, account based advertising tech stack integration, and data visualization. Our B2B account-based marketing agency will assist you in realizing the potential of ABM and everything it can provide for your company if any of those areas in your marketing operations are lacking. Our company is an account-based marketing firm. Contact us.

Amplify your Target Audience

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What Is Account Based Marketing?

ABM (account-based marketing) is a business marketing technique that focuses efforts on a small number of targeted account marketing within a market. Each account is engaged through a series of customized campaigns that are created to speak directly to that account’s unique needs and characteristics.

Account-based marketing expertise approaches marketing from a more all-encompassing perspective than lead generation. One of the secrets to getting the most value out of your biggest accounts is marketing to existing client accounts to encourage upselling and cross-selling.

What Are The Benefits Of Account Based Marketing?

For B2B organizations focusing on larger accounts, the value of account based marketing is becoming increasingly popular. And for very good reason. Account based marketing has a number of advantages over other marketing tactics for organizations looking to sell to large clients with extended sales cycles and huge deal sizes.

Personalized Marketing That Converts

Before you can proceed to the next level of demand generation, you must first generate leads to whom you can present your strategy. Lead generation entails capturing potential customers' attention and adding them to a marketable database. Once collected through a nurturing campaign, these leads can be sent to sales development to be guided through the sales funnel.

Better Alignment Between Sales And Marketing

B2B demand generation allows you to capture existing market demand and direct potential buyers to your products and services. This approach uses a variety of lower-funnel content, such as PPC ads, SEO improvements, and third-party intent data, to build your brand proposition and show prospects how your solution can satisfy their needs or satisfy their wants.

Shorter Sales Cycles

If you've been successful in generating or capturing demand as opportunities, you can use sales pipeline acceleration tactics to accelerate the sales process. These can be as simple as talking to potential customers or creating highly targeted account content marketing that addresses your leads' pain points while also being relevant to their stage in the sales funnel.

The Intent Amplify Difference

There is account-based marketing and Intent Amplifys’ approach to it. To engage customers, build trusting connections, and guide buying committees through the decision-making process, general ABM unifies your sales and marketing goals, people, and resources.

Intent Amplify, a leading account based marketing agency, takes these concepts to the next level. A B2B customer will typically contact with a vendor through six different channels during the buying process, and there will typically be six to ten decision-makers on the buying committee.

So, how can you be sure you’re identifying the appropriate people and providing them with relevant information and messaging at the right time? How can you then establish long-term multichannel ABM (Account Based Marketing) initiatives and improve revenue?

The concept is straightforward, but implementation demands a more data-driven approach, which in turn calls for analytical skills that many ABM teams lack.

How We Play a role As An Account-Based Marketing Company

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We Utilize Bespoke, But Proven, Tech Stacks

When it comes to the applications we work with inside a tech stack, we are agnostic, but in order to execute true ABM and visualize the entire buyer’s journey timeline, you’ll need:

Corporate Match Software: Although corporate match tools are always available, they quickly become outdated if they cannot be integrated with Google Analytics for thorough omnichannel marketing analysis of every interaction and channel. You must have the capacity to instantly access data from across the internet and interpret it for use. Company match software, also known as the most important component of actual account based marketing, is necessary if you want to move forward with a complete understanding of and confidence in your outreach.

Content Management System (CMS): The most effective approach to produce, edit, and publish B2B content is to use a content management system. We can integrate your existing website with WordPress, PHP, or any other CMS platform.

The foundation of account-based marketing is its emphasis on engaging and connecting with a target audience, whether they are past, present, or potential customers. Any CRM platform, including Salesforce, Netsuite, and Dynamics, is compatible with us.

Customer Relationship Management: The words streamline, automate, and measure encompass marketing automation. Marketing automation tools work to automate increasingly repetitive (but necessary) tasks within an ABM (Account Base Marketing) campaign. Whether it’s Marketo, Act-On, Hubspot, or another platform, we will be able to integrate with it without any issues.

Data Visualization: Comprehensive data visualization is necessary for making well-informed decisions. By bringing data from across your organization into one platform, data visualization tools provide your team with real-time information and metrics as well as an infinite number of ways to slice and arrange data.

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We Understand Access To In-Market Data

B2B marketers attain the closest thing to omniscience by employing in-market data (or intent data); it’s the most powerful predictor of which target accounts are in-market or consuming material on related third-party websites to your (or your rivals’) product offerings. This information then reveals whether or not a customer is interested in making a purchase, as well as which accounts should be prioritized.

We’ve Perfected Our Account Scoring Method

What criteria are used to choose which asset or message to display next to accounts? Also, how do you currently know where they are in the funnel? In the absence of this information, the original ABM strategy is useless. Account scoring, also known as account engagement score, is a technique for assessing the worth of client interaction and rating the degree of involvement. While it is completely customizable, the goal is always the same: to gather all engagement data so that organizations can see what they have done across digital channels.

When Choosing An Account Based Marketing Agency, You Need A Partner, Rather Than Just Another Agency.

Intent Amplify can be that partner. Contact us today to learn more.

Account Based Marketing Agency FAQs

If you’re considering hiring account based marketing agency services, let us know! Let’s have a chat about how our account based marketing services can help you.

If you partner with an expert ABM agency, like Intent Amplify, ABM can be highly effective. You must make sure your copy is excellent, that you are addressing the appropriate decision-makers, and more. We can help ensure your ABM campaign is a success.

Account based marketing has numerous benefits:

  • More Cost-Effective
  • Less Waste
  • Personalized Communication
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Team Development
  • Goal Specific
  • Better Marketing and Sales Coordination
  • Quicker Sales
  • Greater Expertise
  • Stand Out More

Account-based marketing platforms come in many different varieties. Leandata, the ABM platform from Demandbase, and the Hubspot marketing hub are a few of the best. Additional notable platforms include 6Sense, Triblio, and Metadata.

Account based marketing works by creating custom lead generation campaigns to reach out to individual high-value accounts in order to convert them into leads. This is done through personalized outreach and building strong relationships and nurturing the prospect to convert to a lead.

A range of pricing options will be available for account-based marketing. This is determined by the channels used for marketing and what will be included in the package. Intent Amplify is the account based marketing agency in Pune, India that companies can trust.

An ABM agency, or account based marketing consultancy, is a business that focuses on lead generation and organizes prospects and leads by their value. With this system, the most valuable clients are the most important.

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