Data Insights for Marketing

Strategies for market and reference data are changing quickly across financial services companies.

Reports, blogs, and videos with insights from the real-time, pricing, and reference services teams assist organizations in thinking strategically about data and data management.


data insights

The market and reference data that financial services firms use is crucial for their front, middle, and back offices as well as the technology teams that support them.

By transforming their market and reference data ecosystems, Intent Amplify Real-Time and Pricing and Reference Services assist businesses. Intent Amplify can assist, whether a chief data officer is looking to move data storage and analytics to the cloud, a trader wants to increase the accuracy of back-testing, or a middle office team needs to take on significant compliance projects like the LIBOR transition.

The Pricing and Reference Services and Intent Amplify Real-Time teams have assembled thought leaders on this insights page to assist financial firms as they meet the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving world of data.


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