Deal Pipeline Enablement Services

Deal Pipeline Enablement services remove the guesswork from forecasting by establishing a genuine two-way dialogue with buyers based on trust. In deal pipeline enablement, buyers are encouraged to participate in a problem-solving dialogue at each stage of the buy-sell process. Sellers work with buyers to advance through the buying process, with each step validated by the customer.

  • Conversations Frameworks ensure that every B2B seller is capable of carrying out FIVE critical sales conversations: QUALIFY – ENGAGE – ASSESS – PLAN – ACQUIRE.
  • Sales funnel advances are instrumented in SFDC based on the completion of verifiable activities, so sellers no longer move deals from stage to stage and category to category.
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The key to growth for B2B SaaS & tech companies is coordinating sales and marketing.

The deal pipeline enablement services from Intent Amplify synchronise the efforts of your marketing and sales teams. No matter where a lead happens to be in the sales cycle, we make sure your entire team has the resources they need to engage with any customer in a meaningful way that is supported by a thorough understanding of their needs.

In deal pipeline enablement, We’ll increase sales effectiveness throughout your company by delivering the appropriate content to the right people at the right time in the right location and format.

Customers have changed, so your sales team should too.

Digital-first sales engagement

Buyers now have greater access to information than ever before. The power has shifted from the seller to the buyer in the buyer/seller relationship. The buying process has changed over the last decade, and smart businesses have recognised and responded to this change.

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The sales process needs to change

The sales process must be modified. If your sales process is based on traditional outbound methods, you’ve probably noticed that it’s becoming more difficult. But don’t worry, you have the ability to alter your approach.

Changing from an outbound to a more inbound-centric, targeted approach will help your sales team increase conversions and win more deals. Regardless of how simple or complex your product and sales process are, changing the way you work is possible, and ensuring your salespeople are relevant in today’s modern, digital world is critical.

Content led sales

Rich content provides more than just surface-level information, and it can help convert leads and encourage clients to take the final step and buy. You can also use premium content to grow your contact and subscription lists and improve your search engine ranking.


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