Demand Generation

A B2B demand generation company called Intent Amplify helps companies create, nurture, and convert leads into sales.

At every stage of the lead lifecycle, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and consumer marketing, our approach to demand generation combines strategic knowledge, creative flair, and in-depth knowledge of marketing technology to produce measurable results.

We make sure you get a higher return on your marketing investment by tracking everything we do, getting to know your company, and being familiar with what works.


What Is Demand Generation?

B2B Demand generation is frequently misunderstood to mean simply creating demand for a product. Isn’t that the clue in the name? Demand generation, on the other hand, is much more than that.

Demand generation is an umbrella term for a collection of marketing initiatives that generate long-term engagement, such as lead generation, demand capture, and pipeline acceleration, in an industry where improving brand-to-customer relationships is critical.

If done correctly, it consists of a series of touchpoints aimed at raising awareness of ideal customer pain points, positioning your brand as a trusted advisor, generating leads, promoting your solution, and fostering genuine long-term brand loyalty.

The word “long-term” is essential. A long-term strategy is to use B2B demand generation services. It is a strategy for continuously interacting with customers that entails focused inbound marketing, ongoing social media interactions, educational ebook marketing, regular newsletters, pop-up events, podcasts, webinars, and more.

When done correctly, demand generation will bring attention to the issues that are most important to your business and its target audience, provide sales with the qualified leads they need to close deals and position your marketing initiatives as revenue generators rather than cost centers.

Intent Amplifys' Three Pillars Of Demand Generation

As a leading B2B demand generation agency, at Intent Amplify we divide demand generation into three key pillars that guide every campaign. The key word here is “guide,” since each campaign is tailored specifically to the needs of the client it serves. This breakdown of these pillars is possible:

Generating Leads

Before you can proceed to the next level of demand generation, you must first generate leads to whom you can present your strategy. Lead generation entails capturing potential customers' attention and adding them to a marketable database. Once collected through a nurturing campaign, these leads can be sent to sales development to be guided through the sales funnel.

Capturing Demand

B2B demand generation allows you to capture existing market demand and direct potential buyers to your products and services. This strategy incorporates a variety of lower funnel content, such as PPC ads, SEO optimizations, and 3rd party intent data, to establish your brand proposition and familiarise prospects with how your solution will meet their needs or resolve their issues.

Pipeline Acceleration

If you've been successful in generating or capturing demand as opportunities, you can use pipeline acceleration tactics to accelerate the sales process. These can be as simple as talking to potential customers or creating highly targeted content that addresses your leads' pain points while also being relevant to their stage in the sales funnel.

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Why Should You Choose Intent Amplify as Your Demand Gen Marketing Company?

A successful demand generation campaign includes a number of intricate details. Because most agencies lack specialised employees to handle them, work is outsourced, divided, and spread out, causing confusion and completely defeating the purpose.

At Intent Amplify, we have the internal skills required to run streamlined, effective demand creation campaigns. We have analytics experts, skilled content writers, SEO gurus, lead generation experts, and sales specialists (among others) at our disposal, so we can work on your campaign whenever you need us to.

We thrive at what we do and love doing it.

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