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B2B Lead Generation Knowledge Center

Delivering leads for your sales team is tough. To assist you in implementing a lead generation strategy that is more effective, we’ve developed resources. View our content marketing for B2B lead generation below.

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How Does Lead Generation Work?

B2B Marketing Database

You are only as good as your data! We take great pride in offering award-winning B2B data that is guaranteed to be at least 98% accurate. Additionally, we can clean up your data or deliver fresh data that satisfies your needs and criteria.

Identifying The Need

We conduct a decision maker or key influencer profile before our outbound B2B telemarketers call the person on your behalf. Once we are aware of their problems, we can see how and why your company's operations, goods, or services are designed to solve them.

Preparing The Pitch

We don't use scripts despite the fact that we are an outbound B2B lead generation company. Why? since scripts have a scripted sound! Our goal is to have intelligent, professional conversations that flow naturally, are pertinent to the topic at hand, and are responsive to the listener.

Agreeing Criteria

We work with you to come to an agreement on the "Lead Qualification Criteria" before the lead generation campaign launches. This makes it possible for us to produce sales leads and appointments that precisely match your needs.

Pick Up The Phone

We keep an eye on performance on your behalf. To make sure quality is maintained and any issues are quickly resolved, we stay in close contact with you. Reports are given that include all campaign-related statistics.

Increase Your Sales

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us right away to learn more about how we can help you boost sales and serve as your go-to partner for all outsourced B2B lead generation needs. More high-caliber B2B sales leads equal more sales!

When Choosing An Lead Generation Agency, You Need A Partner, Rather Than Just Another Agency.

Intent Amplify can be that partner. Contact us today to learn more.

Lead Generation FAQs

If you’re considering hiring lead generation services, let us know! Let’s have a chat about how our lead generation services can help you.

Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. It involves finding ways to attract potential customers and encouraging them to express interest in what the business has to offer.

There are many different methods of lead generation, including:

  • Paid advertising (e.g., pay-per-click ads, social media ads)
  • Content marketing (e.g., blog posts, ebooks, webinars)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Networking events
  • Trade shows

To implement an ABM strategy, businesses should first identify their target accounts and create personalized marketing campaigns and content for each one. They should then use various marketing channels, such as targeted email campaigns, personalized website experiences, direct mail, and sales outreach, to reach and engage decision makers within those accounts.

To qualify a lead, you need to determine whether the person or company is a good fit for your business. This usually involves gathering information about the lead’s needs, budget, and decision-making process. You can qualify a lead through direct communication (e.g., phone calls, email exchanges), or by using lead qualification forms or quizzes.

To turn a lead into a customer, you need to build trust and credibility with the lead and convince them that your product or service is the best solution to their problem. This can involve providing information, answering questions, and addressing any concerns they might have. You can also offer incentives, such as discounts or free trials, to encourage the lead to make a purchase.

There are several ways to measure the success of a lead generation campaign, including:

  • The number of leads generated
  • The conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of leads that become customers)
  • The cost per lead
  • The return on investment (ROI)

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