What is Buyer Intent Data for B2B Marketing?




Demand generation, sales, and marketing initiatives have always been built on data. Using intent-based marketing, we have developed through time in our knowledge and interpretation of data. The way we approach demand generation has been permanently altered by the ability of modern marketers to examine data to ascertain user intent.

The ability to determine customer intent has become easier because to developments in predictive analytics, persona building, and market research. Intent data is consequently swiftly evolving into one of the most well-liked categories utilised by B2B marketers to enhance their marketing, sales, and demand generating initiatives.

The development of targeted tactics and customised ads is made possible by behavioural, first- and third-party intent data.

More importantly, it improves sales teams’ effectiveness, aids in the discovery of new ABM targets and markets, and is an essential part of any B2B marketing and demand generation plan.

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